Stick. Click. Hear.

ADHEAR is a revolutionary, non-surgical hearing solution that allows users to benefit immediately from better hearing without needing to undergo the implantation process. ADHEAR is an ideal solution for both adults and children of all ages suffering from conductive hearing loss who are unwilling to undergo or unsuitable for bone conduction implant surgery. It is also an option for individuals with single-sided deafness.

  • Effortless hearing

    No surgery required

  • Reliable listening

    Stays securely in place for optimal sound quality

  • All-day wearing comfort

    No pressure on the skin

  • Sleek design

    Easy to hide ADHEAR under hair

  • For all ages

    Ideal solution for babies and toddlers



How ADHEAR Works


ADHEAR is the only non-surgical bone conduction device that does not apply pressure, making it very comfortable to wear. The sound waves are transmitted onto the bone via a small adhesive adapter placed on the skin behind the ear. The adhesive adapter is lightweight and keeps ADHEAR securely in its optimal position. ADHEAR’s close proximity to the inner ear helps sound information transfer efficiently and its discreet location makes it cosmetically appealing.

For more information about ADHEAR, click here.


Introducing the ADHEAR 
COVID-19 Program

Experiencing a global public health emergency has prompted us all to do the very best we can to continue to support the communities we serve. During COVID-19, MED-EL has introduced a special program to provide prompt access to sound for candidates for a bone conduction system.

We have found that training the recipient and family on the use and care of ADHEAR is the most important part of the process. So for ADHEAR candidates who would prefer to proceed quickly to better hearing, there is no need to delay. We partner with audiologists to provide support for successful remote trainings and resources like videos, checklists and questionnaires.


The ADHEAR COVID-19 Program includes:



Flexible shipping options

MED-EL can offer the audiologist flexible shipping choices - direct to the recipient’s doorstep or direct to the audiologist’s clinic. This means the audiologist can handle scheduling limitations due to COVID-19 and more importantly, candidates who are not comfortable with face-to-face appointments at this time.



Remote orientation for the recipient

ADHEAR comes out of the box with 4 pre-defined settings, a push button for program changes and an active volume control wheel.* In fact, the software is described as an optional configuration software because these pre-defined settings are proven to be a good starting point for recipients, with equivalent outcomes to other bone conduction devices on the market. In the two years since its launch, ADHEAR has moved from innovative solution to proven concept. Click here for a review and analysis of ADHEAR results.


Once clinics return to normal operations, we recommend an in-person follow-up for any programming adjustments.


Contact Us

Are you an audiologist looking for further information about the ADHEAR COVID-19 Program? Are you a candidate or caregiver of an individual identified as a candidate for ADHEAR? Let us know if you would like someone on our team of hearing professionals to answer any questions you may have.

*Recipients should contact their clinician if they have any questions about ADHEAR’s pre-defined settings.