variety of people young and old who have cochlear implants

Stop being left out
of the important moments

Moments are meant to be lived in and experienced in every array of color and sound.

Hearing the soft breath of your son or daughter asleep on the couch, waking up to the delicate chirp of a robin on your windowsill, enjoying the quiet rustle of turning pages in your favorite book, or for the first time, listening to the tender heartbeat of your child's first baby—every sound is significant to you in its own way.

That’s why, our goal at MED-EL is to design our implant systems for sound quality that is closer to natural hearing. We want the sound quality of cochlear implants to match the sound quality of natural hearing. Even more so, our cochlear implants use electrode arrays that are long enough to cover your whole cochlea.[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft]

Karen is a MED-EL recipient who experienced a moment that touched her world in a unique and special way. A few years ago, Karen's daughter-in-law was pregnant with their first baby. She started feeling sick one day and asked Karen to drive her to the doctor to make sure everything was okay with the baby.

Upon entering the doctor's office, Karen quickly realized that her daughter-in-law wasn't sick, but had brought Karen to the first ultrasound appointment. For the first time, Karen listened to the heartbeat of her first grandchild.

Sounds touch every moment, and at MED-EL, our goal is to help you not miss the moments that matter to you.

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How does a MED-EL Individualized CI Work?

Cochlear implants are designed for people with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss. With this type of hearing loss, the hair cells in the inner ear are damaged, and can’t detect sounds properly.

A cochlear implant bypasses these damaged hair cells and sends electric signals to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound. A cochlear implant system has two main components. The externally worn audio processor detects sounds and sends them to the internal implant, which is placed just under the skin behind the ear.

Learn how cochlear implants work by watching this simple video.

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