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You are unique.
Your cochlear implant should be too.

The best shoes are the ones that fit your feet—and the best cochlear implant is the one that fits your ear. Different parts of the cochlea are responsible for sounds at different pitches. The electrode array of your cochlear implant should be long enough to cover all the parts of your cochlea, otherwise, you might miss out on some of the sounds around you. However, cochleae come in all shapes and sizes. An electrode array that is long enough for one person might not be long enough for another. Both the right and left cochleae can even be very different in size from each other in the same individual! That’s why MED-EL offers a wide range of different-sized electrode arrays, so your surgeon can choose the one that best fits your ear and help you to hear the world in full color.



The electrode array is the long, silicone-coated wire at the end of the cochlear implant, which is inserted into your cochlea during surgery. This wire stimulates the nerve cells that send sound signals to your brain and allow you to hear. Because cochleae come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important that your surgeon can choose the electrode that fits you. MED-EL offers the largest portfolio of electrode arrays—many long enough to cover the entire cochlea and give you access to the full range of sounds.



MED-EL recently launched OTOPLAN,* a software that takes cochlear implant surgical planning to a whole new level. With this tool, your surgeon can view your unique anatomy, compare how each electrode array could fit your individual cochlea, and ultimately, choose the electrode array that’s right for you. In addition, with the use of imaging after the cochlear implant has been placed, your audiologist can see exactly where each electrode is sitting in your cochlea and may be able to use this information to help program your audio processor. This is called Anatomy-Based Fitting

Why is an Individualized CI Important?

Our philosophy at MED-EL is to enable the closest to natural hearing with our cochlear implants. We want the sound quality of cochlear implants to match the sound quality of natural hearing as closely as possible. This is why our cochlear implants use electrode arrays that are long enough to cover your whole cochlea—from low pitches like the dog barking to high pitches, like the birds chirping and everything in between. 

Why an Individualized CI Matters

With cochlear implants, one size doesn’t fit all. And this couldn’t be more true than for teacher of the deaf and MED-EL cochlear implant recipient, Mary Beth. After several ear surgeries, Mary Beth’s cochlea had started to ossify, making it difficult to implant. Find out how an individualized cochlear implant from MED-EL helped Mary Beth to hear again and changed her life for the better.

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MED-EL CI System

Hear Your Way

Individualized CI doesn’t end with the electrode. MED-EL’s SYNCHRONY 2 cochlear implant system includes two audio processor options: the behind-the-ear SONNET 2 or the off-the-ear RONDO 3. Once you’ve chosen the audio processor that works best for you, you can customize your hearing experience by selecting from a range of design covers, wearing styles, and connectivity options. Click below to explore the ways you can make the SYNCHRONY 2 system YOUR hearing system.


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* OTOPLAN is a product of CAScination AG.