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MED-EL’s new OTOPLAN On Demand service is designed to provide surgeons and audiologists easy access to individualized OTOPLAN analysis and detailed reports to support pre-operative electrode selection and post-operative Anatomy-Based Fitting.

How does it work?

  • Complete the request form below.
  • Check your email for request confirmation and a link to upload images.
  • Securely upload a DICOM file with your patient’s pre-operative CT or MRI images or post-operative CT images.

MED-EL’s team of experts will analyze the images within OTOPLAN* and provide you with a detailed report within 2 business days.** Pre-operative reports include individualized cochlear parameters and electrode visualization for FLEX series electrodes. Post-operative reports include electrode insertion status and contact identification. A file will be provided to import this data to MAESTRO fitting software to enable Anatomy-Based Fitting.

Questions? Contact your local MED-EL representative or email us at otoplan.us@medel.com.

Send Your Scans for Analysis

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Image File Transfer

Your request is not complete until the patient images are submitted via the secure link provided in your confirmation email.  In the box below, please enter the exact name of the zipped DICOM file.

By submitting this OTOPLAN On Demand request, I attest that the cochlea(e) submitted for analysis are of normal/typical anatomy. Not all OTOPLAN functions are indicated for use with abnormal or malformed cochleae.

* OTOPLAN is a product of CAScination AG.

** Disclaimer: Not all OTOPLAN functions are indicated for use with abnormal or malformed cochleas.  The information displayed in OTOPLAN compares MED-EL electrode parameters to a patient’s estimated cochlear anatomy. The software and analysis report do not select or recommend a specific electrode array. Responsibility for electrode selection rests solely with the healthcare professional. Furthermore, frequency estimates displayed in OTOPLAN are based on the estimated position of a patient’s electrode array and may not reflect patient perception. Frequency estimates and Anatomy-Based Fitting are pieces of clinical information the audiologist may choose to incorporate into the overall cochlear implant mapping procedure for an individual patient. OTOPLAN is not meant to replace the professional judgment of experienced healthcare providers.