RONDO Swap Registration

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Welcome to MED-EL’s RONDO Swap Registration Page!

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If your MED-EL cochlear implant surgery was August 1, 2020 or later and your patient kit included a RONDO 2 Audio Processor, you may be eligible to exchange your RONDO 2 for the next generation RONDO Audio Processor once it's available! Check out the important reminders below for additional eligibility requirements.


Pre-register for RONDO Swap after your initial activation appointment.


    Here are a few important reminders about eligibility for RONDO Swap:

    • If you received two audio processors in your patient kit, the RONDO 2 you plan to exchange must be UNOPENED with the original seal intact.  Open/unsealed RONDO 2 Audio Processors are not eligible for RONDO Swap and will be returned to the patient. 
    • Recipients who received a patient kit with only one audio processor may exchange an open RONDO 2.
    • Specific items to be returned as part of the exchange vary by patient kit configuration. Please refer to instructions included with the patient kit for details.
    • SONNET 2 Audio Processors are not eligible for RONDO Swap.
    • RONDO Swap is valid for patients implanted in the USA between August 1, 2020 and product availability.  The patient kit must include at least one RONDO 2 Audio Processor.

    Let's get started!  Have your RONDO 2 nearby and answer a few questions to pre-register for RONDO Swap!


    Click on the correct option below to let us know if you are registering one or both of your ears for RONDO Swap:


    You indicated that you had one ear implanted after August 1, 2020. 

     Which audio processor(s) did your patient kit include (click one picture)?


    You indicated that you had two ears implanted after August 1, 2020.  

     Which audio processor(s) did each of your patient kits include (click one picture)?