SONNET Swap Registration 


Where is your SONNET?

Tell us where your unopened/sealed SONNET is currently located.





You have indicated that you will swap two unopened/sealed SONNET Audio Processors for two SONNET 2 Audio Processors.

Congratulations on your upgrade to new SONNET 2 Audio Processors via the SONNET Swap program!  Please follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out the form below before May 31, 2020 and MED-EL will issue a Return Authorization for your unopened SONNETs.

  2.  Look for a shipment from MED-EL which will include the Return Authorization with pre-paid shipping materials and instructions for the return of your unopened/sealed SONNET Audio Processors.

  3.  Be sure to use the materials provided to ship your SONNETs to MED-EL before June 30, 2020.  The red bubble envelope will expedite processing of your swap!

  4. MED-EL will not ship your new SONNET 2s until we receive your unopened/sealed SONNETs!

  5. Upon receipt of the two eligible SONNETs, MED-EL will ship two SONNET 2s to the address you provide below.

  6. Contact your audiologist to arrange for programming of your SONNET 2s before first use. 





    Note the following as you complete the form:

    • If you are a guardian or parent of MED-EL cochlear implant recipient, provide the recipient’s information when completing the form below.
    • MED-EL cannot deliver to a P.O. box. 
    • A signature will be required for delivery.
    • If you need assistance completing the form, please call 888-633-3524 or contact your Customer Service Representative directly.


    SONNET_box_serial_number (002)

    I would like my SONNET 2 User Manual in:

    I understand that MED-EL will not ship my SONNET 2s until I return my unopened/sealed SONNETs. If my unopened/sealed SONNETs are not received by MED-EL by June 30, 2020, they are no longer eligible for SONNET Swap.

    You have indicated that your unopened/sealed SONNETs are with your audiologist.


    Please contact your audiologist right away to make arrangements for registering your unopened SONNETs for SONNET Swap.   Swaps will not be allowed after the registration deadline of May 31, 2020.


    You may contact your MED-EL Customer Service Representative with any questions by calling 888-633-3524 or emailing