The Future of Otological Surgery is Here

Software Made For You

With intuitive user interface and powerful performance, OTOPLAN* is the ideal surgical planning software for otological procedures. OTOPLAN, from CAScination AG, was developed in close collaboration with MED-EL to make it ideally tailored for ENT surgeons, providing detailed anatomical and audiological information which can contribute to surgical decision making.


  • Intuitive: A step-by-step guided workflow which is easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Detailed: Thorough, in-depth information that is essential for success in the OR.
  • Precise: Accurate, highly-detailed data which can inform your surgical plan.
  • Individualized: Treatment for the individual patient, from determining the perfect electrode array to generating post-op reports.

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"Our surgeons are really interested in tools. They want to try to help their patients hear using all the tools possible, you know? . . . I think if you start looking at each individual as a unique prescription, that's where this tool can really come in.”

Camille Dunn, Ph.D.


Electrode Visualization Audiogram

OTOPLAN gives you the power to take cochlear implant surgical planning to a whole new level. With the enhanced electrode visualization tool, you can combine the anatomical and audiological information in one intuitive view. OTOPLAN helps you visualize how each electrode could fit each individual cochlea, compare different arrays and see detailed data for each individual electrode contact. Want to see predicted angular insertion depth and tonotopic center frequency? With OTOPLAN you can.


Individualized Electrode Arrays

When it comes to electrode arrays, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we designed our FLEX Series arrays to cover the full range of cochlear anatomies. But OTOPLAN takes that customization to the next level. The software helps you easily check how each of our five FLEX arrays would fit inside the individual cochlea with respect to depth and covered frequency, giving you an accurate yet streamlined method of achieving complete cochlear coverage and full electrode insertion for each patient.


Post-Op Analysis

OTOPLAN enhances the entire clinical workflow, even post-operative analysis and reporting. With post-operative imaging, you can use OTOPLAN to easily confirm electrode insertion status and automatically generate detailed patient reports.

* OTOPLAN is a product of CAScination AG.