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Step into the future of cochlear implant surgery today with the power of OTOPLAN.* This innovative new software supports detailed analysis of your patient’s individual cochlea, giving you added confidence when choosing the MED-EL FLEX electrode that is designed to provide the ideal fit for complete cochlear coverage and closest to natural hearing. Analysis of postoperative imaging confirms precise electrode placement and provides the information needed for Anatomy-Based Fitting.

With MED-EL’s free OTOPLAN On Demand service, surgeons and audiologists enjoy easy access to individualized OTOPLAN analysis and detailed reports to support preoperative electrode selection and postoperative Anatomy-Based Fitting.

For those clinicians who prefer to complete the analysis themselves, OTOPLAN is also available as a license-based software.

"Our surgeons are really interested in tools. They want to try to help their patients hear using all the tools possible, you know? . . . I think if you start looking at each individual as a unique prescription, that's where this tool can really come into play.”

Camille Dunn, Ph.D.

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Electrode Visualization Audiogram

OTOPLAN gives you the power to take cochlear implant surgical planning to a whole new level. With the enhanced electrode visualization tool, anatomical, and audiological information is combined into one intuitive view. OTOPLAN helps you visualize how each electrode could fit each individual cochlea, compare different arrays, and see detailed data for each individual electrode contact. Want to see predicted angular insertion depth and tonotopic center frequency? With OTOPLAN you can.


Individualized Electrode Arrays

When it comes to electrode arrays, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we designed our FLEX Series arrays to cover the full range of cochlear anatomies. But OTOPLAN takes that customization to the next level. The software helps you easily check how each of our five FLEX arrays would fit inside the individual cochlea with respect to depth and covered frequency, giving you an accurate yet streamlined method of achieving complete cochlear coverage and full electrode insertion for each patient.


Post-Op Analysis and Anatomy-Based Fitting

OTOPLAN enhances the entire clinical workflow. With postoperative imaging, OTOPLAN provides confirmation of electrode insertion status and identifies the physical location of each electrode contact. A file is generated to support importation of this data to MAESTRO fitting software to enable Anatomy-Based Fitting.

* OTOPLAN is a product of CAScination AG.